6. April 2020

Cancellation: OISTAT Architecture Commission Tour in the Netherlands

Dear attendees of the Dutch Theatre Tour 2020, Firstly, we would like to thank you for your interest and registration for the Dutch Theatre Tour in […]
21. März 2020

Festival THEATER DER WELT cancelled

The international theatre institute ITI has cancelled the festival THEATER DER WELT, which was planned for the month of May. „The ITI regrets the unavoidable cancellation […]
21. März 2020

Theater costume workshops produces protective clothing

As reported by dpa, masks and protective clothing are now being produced in the Leipzig theatre workshops. Such a suggestion had already been made a few […]
13. März 2020

statement on the situation

Angela Merkel: has recently made a very meaningful statement on the situation: „It’s not that it doesn’t matter what we do. It is not in vain. […]
11. Dezember 2019

For Free Theatre and Independent Culture

Artists have published a petition against the destruction of Hungarian cultural life: Dear Members of Parliament! The government is about to systematically destroy cultural life in […]
29. November 2019

Drastic cuts for theatre in Flanders

From 1.1. 2020, the Flemish Prime Minister Jan Jambon, member of the right-wing nationalist party Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie (N-VA), will decrease the cultural budget of Flanders by […]
19. November 2019

La Fenice after the floods and before the start of the season

After the tidal waves of the last few days, when the peak of 110 cm was reached for the first time in several decades and damage […]
18. November 2019

Call for help from Tel Aviv

For the first time I have to resort to ask your support for our major theatrical project, the Alfa Theatre, Tel Aviv. In its 9 years […]
5. November 2019

We introduce: the Oistat Ballet

We introduce: the Oistat Ballet The executive committee and the governing board meet for a three-day meeting in Oslo. The hosts are the Norwegian OIstat Centre, […]
We introduce: the Oistat Ballet
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